Adult Dependant Visa

If you have a parent or grandparent who is abroad and who requires long-term personal care as a result of their old age, an illness or a disability, and they are unable to obtain the level of care they require in their country, they may be eligible to apply for an adult dependant visa. As well as satisfying other requirements, you will need to demonstrate not only that you can provide the level of care that is required by your dependant relative, but also that you have the financial means to support them whilst they are in the UK without any recourse to public funding. It is also possible to apply for an adult dependant visa for an adult brother, sister, son or daughter.

The threshold to fully satisfy the requirements for an adult dependant visa is very high, and so only rarely do such applications get approved. If you are looking to make such an application, we will conduct a thorough and clear assessment of your circumstances, and that of your adult dependant, before advising on whether you should proceed in making an application for an adult dependant visa.

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