Domestic Violence Victim

If you are currently in the UK on a ‘limited stay’ spouse visa (ie. a spouse visa which has an expiry date) and have been subjected to domestic violence whilst living in the UK with your spouse, you should note that you are not required to continue living with your violent partner in order to remain in the UK. In fact, you could secure your future settlement in the UK without the support of your partner.

Unfortunately, domestic violence victims are all too often under the misapprehension that they are only permitted to stay in the UK with the support of their violent partner, which is also a view that is often held by their violent partners. This is simply not true. Although it is true that permission to initially gain entry into the UK is based on your relationship with your settled partner, if domestic violence can subsequently be proven in the relationship, it is no longer a requirement to an application for settlement in the UK. In such circumstances, as a victim of domestic violence, you may be eligible to make an application to remain in the UK as a domestic violence victim. At Baker Chase Solicitors, we appreciate your concerns and how best to overcome them.

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